Excavation for Water lines

Dirt Guy has been involved with water line construction, water plant installations and upgrades throughout the Northeast for years.Knowing the critical factors for any project and having various sizes of equipment to take care of your needs either in small tight places or large deep excavations is what Dirt guy can do for you.

Water piping is an item that does not need to be maintained a lot but when there is a break or a pending problem getting the area open for repairs can be a high priority issue. No one wants to be with out water for an extended period of time. When you contact us you reach a company that can and does mobilize excavation equipment and trucks over the entire state of Connecticut and do it every day. When you need extra ordinary response put usto the test. It may not be the least expensive solution but you will get it excavated and ready to be fixed right.

Water lines Excavation Details

Valve box repair is easily accomplished with ourMini Tracked excavator. The issue is not depth but rather care full excavation toclear the area so the repair can be made with out causing collateral damage.

Consideration of soil types is also something we are experience in.For both safe excavation so that the sides do not collapse and whenquestionable soils have been excavated we have high quality fill and the right equipment for correct compaction of the back fill material. These factors add up toa save water line excavation and a job that is not plagued with settlement or the line breaking in the future due to settlement.

Water line restoration

Ounce the excavation is complete and the pipe installed by others we also offer a high quality restoration to put things back the way they were. It is bad enough to have to tear up a property to do an installation or repair but it is worse to then have a large scare remaining for years to come. Contact us to hear how we do it differently.

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