Rock Removal

Rock removal or excavation can be either very tedious process or require explosives to overcome how hard the rock it. Often the seismic shock and effectson structures in the area make blasting an option that does not fit the situation. If the rock is not too hard and has enough seams to it with a large enough machine some times it is economical to just rip the rock out of the excavation.

Blasting is the common solution to mass rock removal. Often for insurance purposes a pre blast survey has tobe preformed and then a post blast survey. With this and other regulations blasting is a planned activity that takes a lot of time to get in place. We certainly can provide this service.

Concrete and Rock Breaking

Breaking of the harder materials such as rock and concrete can be accomplished with hydraulic breakers.The amount of material removed at each impact is less than blasting but the very fast repetition ofthe impact over comes the rock and breaks it intosmaller pieces. As the operator selects the hammer position and worksto split the material along the grain often present in rock. To avoid the set up and pre blast work thiscan be a cost effective solution to blasting and can be done in close proximity to people in comparison to blasting.

Rock Splitting

This is an hydraulic or chemical process exactly like blasting but with out the shock and the possibility of flyingstone. A variation to this used to be used by farmers to break boulders too heavyto move. A hole would be drilled in the large bolder and in winter with freezing weather water would be poured in the hole so that it would freeze expand and crack the rock. Repeated a number of times and you had smaller rock you could move to clear the field. Now the same affect can be achieved with out blasting. We have the equipment and experience to dothis type of work.

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