Breaking rock and concrete with out blasting

Non-explosive blasting is an option we have a lot of experience with. Situations and preferences often dictate the need for another solution to breaking rock and concrete. This can be done by us with three different methods. Picking the right method foryour application would require information on the particular situation. So if you think this service would be of use and you are in our service area please call 860-303-0500

Confined spaces, close to buildings or small areas of rock and or concrete that needs to be broken is the typical case when these options are used. All these methods are based on overcoming the compressive strength of the rock. With this ability it is a question of applying the right method the right way. With a wide open remote location such as a quarry blasting can be used to break large quantities of rock all at one time. In an excavated trench with rock next to an active gas line a much different more controlled approach is only prudent.

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