Creating an appropriate slope to the land is what we can do for you.

Fine Grading can be the clearing of rocks and debris for the preparation of a lawn. We do this in some cases utilizing a Harley rake we can alsotake out the high and low spots to create the appropriate grade. This equipment combined with an experienced operator and theright machine can be a very fast and effective means of putting the finishing touches on your property, ready to be planted with grass seed and landscape material.

Rough Grading is normally the basic clearing and cleaning of a lot to establish the proper site contours and could also include cleaning up construction debris left behind by others

Site Grading

This activity is taking responsibility for the total sites drainage characteristics and maximizing theoutcome sothat problems are prevented in heavy and moderate rain. If very wet areas make a section of the property too wet to use the installation of French Drains may be a solution. Especially if possible water flow and ground infiltration may occur near the foundationof the house.

Proper slope for good drainage is typically 5% or more especially near the hose it can be increased. In some older neighborhoods often you can find some homes with very flat sections next to the house due to settlement and lot restrictions. Some corrective actions help minimize the affect of this need for re grading by filling and compacting by the foundation and eliminating sheet flow from the rest of the site if possible.

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