Footing excavation

Dirt Guy is an excavation contractorfor additions and remodeling projects in New Haven, Middlesex and Hartford counties. The footings are the base of the foundation and wider than the wall so they spread the weight of the wall and the building so it will not push down or settle into the base material. In the excavation process the goal is to dig to the desired depth and not disturb too much of the subsoil the footing will be placed on. Un- disturbed material is believed to be compacted over time and as dense as it will get. If over digging has occurred recompacting toprevent settlement. Settlement of the excavation area can cause cracks in the foundation wall or joint between the footing and the wall resulting in future leakage of water later on.

Large or small jobs are not an issue. We look forward to servicing customersin the area and adding them to our list of happy customers. with the various sizes of equipment we can save you the back breaking work of digging for the footings yourself quickly and efficiently.For large jobs very powerful hydraulicequipment can make quick work of the excavation project if it is a large one.

Footing Drains

If the situation requires it we can also install footing drains to prevent future leakage.This preventative step can avoid costly damage and repairs in the future. The drains prevent water pressure from building up along the foundation wall. We can also retrofit the rest of the house with footing drains if this is needed and then restore the area.

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