Calculate material to be excavated

This is a tool to make a rough estimate of how much material has to be moved. It is based on basic shapes. If you are considering digging a french drain across the back of the house you can figure out how much dirt has to be moved, how much gravel to add if you are going to fill it and get some idea if you want to dig it by hand or call us.

For this example assume the trench will be 100 feet long and 2 feet deep 1 foot wide and filled to the top with gravel. With this calculator you can find that you will have to dig yards of dirt and bring in yards of crushed stone. Using thesenumbers you can figure out that there will be 7.41 cubic yards of dirt to dig and gravel to haul in and place in the trench.

Step 1 fill in the appropriate dimension

For Rectangular Areas

For Circular Areas

Step 2 add the depth

square feet
cubic yards

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