About Dirt guy Excavating

30 years of experience and focuson how to do an excavation project, utility work snow removal, paving Concrete and asphalt cutting, Asphalt milling swimming pool installation miles of road side landscaping, all combine to create a breadth of knowledge so your project gets done and done well.

Random information on many different situations and problems all equal experience that isbrought to bearon your project. If it requires a "mini" 4,000 pound machine or 145,430 lb machine the full line of equipment is available to fit the situation. Working in many different situations and with many different companies the chance to learn and adapt many ideasand efficient ways toaccomplish excavation and grading tasks.

Flexibility of application

Being able to get equipment and move equipment any time of the day and do it day in and day out develops a large source of what is available from vendors across the country. Locally having dealt withmost all vendors and manufactures knowing what can be found for special situations can make the difference in unique situations. This is of no consequence for a straight forward job, but when the tough problems present themselves we can get it done and have the connections to implement the right solution.

Have a tough situation call us, we can help.

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